Medina Cares For Their Students

Spring 2020

“Ms. Theus [Canavan] scheduled a time to help my entire family, not just her student, learn to use Google Meets. She didn’t have to do this. There are times scheduled for her class to practice using this, but when she heard that my other child was nervous about having to use it, she did not hesitate to help him out as well, even though she is not his teacher.”

“Ms. Shaffer [HS History] dropped off the book for 4th quarter at my house so my daughter could start reading it. Over and above the call of duty.” -Terese Rawlins

“Mrs. Dobben [Canavan] was granted access to her classroom to pick up books for students. She emailed every 5th grade parent and gave students the option of having books from her classroom delivered to them so they would have reading materials. She then went, picked up all the books students requested and dropped them off at everyone’s house.”

Mr. Paffumi [Canavan] found a site for all his Chess Club students to use, for free, and set up a club so they could all still play ‘together’.”

“Cyndi McClintock has been sending storytime to all her kindergarten students at Northrop….she was also on the evening news as she was helping hand out food at the Medina County Fairgrounds for those in need in Medina County and was interviewed by the media.  She cares so much for the children she teaches and has 4 kids of her own as well (and one is graduating this year!).  Go Bees!!” -Josie, Geoff and Kendall Henry

“We have a wonderful teacher, Mrs. Dobben, 5th grade Ella Canavan. She brought over an entire bag of books for my children to read all from her classroom library. She dropped them on our doorstep.” – Kerr Family

“Mr Russo [Root] is an absolutely fabulous educator! Not only does he bring tremendous personality and experience to his students but he also constantly engages them and challenges them to think outside the box to stretch the limits of their knowledge. My son is in his Language Arts class for the gifted students at AI Root MS and the life lessons he describes when he comes home include creativity, tenacity, following your goals and so much more. Thank you for recognizing the many many wonderful teachers here in Medina!” -Kate Begin

“There are so many amazing teachers that my kids have had and still have going through Medina schools. But there is 1 that stands out above them all. I want to spot light Brandon Roberts [Claggett]. Brandon had my son when he was in 6th grade my son is now a junior. Brandon always went above and beyond in every way to help my son and my family. Especially when things got rough for my son for a while Brandon was there. Now my youngest is at Claggett and he keeps an eye on her and she knows if she needs anything she can go to him. I wish that there were more teachers and paraprofessionals in our schools that treated children the way he does. Thank you Brandon for ALWAYS being there you are not just a teacher to us you are family.” -Sarah U.

“We appreciate Mrs Tracy Machalec [GIS]!  She’s been in constant contact with my daughter, with emails, google posts, live google meet ups and even wrote her a letter in the mail. This motivates my daughter in more ways than she knows.”

“Every evening, the staff member from Ella Canavan reads a bedtime story to the kids on YouTube. It’s great to see the teachers and staff when the kids can’t be there with them!”

“Our principal [Mr. Condit at Ella Canavan] is still doing morning announcements and we LOVE it!!” -Cori Birce

“Huge thank you to Mr. Bazydlo [Root] for emailing my son and letting him know he skipped part of the assignment. He did the first two parts and didn’t see the third part. Thank you for helping us transition to this new process of learning!” -Dana R.

Ms. Widder [Fenn] has set up an free art supply “library” for students. You can read about it here!

“My 7th grader has truly been working so hard and trying his best to navigate unchartered waters of distance learning. The support from Jeremy Thompson, Laura Miller and Nicolette Dimora at Claggett has been unparalleled. The access to the general education teachers, their support and patience is like nothing I have ever seen. Today, Kevin Miller came to our door and had some Skittles for him for all of his efforts. I may frame the Skittles. So grateful.” – Christy Mattey

“[My son’s] teacher is the best! She has been so great helping the kids with online learning and today she dropped by this sweet note and a box of candy for him! He was all smiles! Thank you Mrs. Horton [Root]!” -Christy Gabler

“Since March 19, our first Monday home, Ella Canavan 2nd grade teacher Jolene Speckman has had her class in Flipgrid to see each other, learn about each other, and check in on them.  It has meant so much to Bobby, and is something I watch every day with him!
From Bobby: ‘Mrs Speckman means so much to me, she is so nice to the class she is also super funny.  I love to see the class on flipgrid and I LOVE doing sphero balls’.” -Ellen Nolan

“Renee received a sweet treat from one of her teachers [Mrs. Machalec/Canavan] today. We really miss our school and teachers. Thank you!” -Linda Tomasheski

Ms. Shaffer dropped off 4th quarter book for students to get a jump start on reading for History.

Letter from Mrs. Horton to a student.

Kerr family enjoying books from Mrs. Dobben

Gift and encouraging note from Mrs. Machalec.